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Hello and a warm welcome to my profile!

My name is Megan (she/her) and I’m a qualified (MBACP) person-centred counsellor based in Glasgow, Scotland. I have experience working with a wide range of clients, supporting them through difficult life events and personal circumstances, including anxiety, depression, bereavement, sexuality, gender, and relationship issues.

My main area of expertise is supporting those who have experienced a wide range of complex trauma. Helping them to overcome the long-term physical, emotional and mental side-effects that come from prolonged trauma. I also have experience working closely with individuals who have a diagnosis of autism, as well as those who are at crisis point and struggling with suicidal ideation, intent, and self-harm.

If you are new to therapy – it can often be a bit confusing as to what a therapist can offer and make sense of the various modalities. As a person-centred therapist, I work with clients of any gender, race, age, sexuality, background, or religion, as well as neurodivergence and disability. I offer an inclusive, confidential and judgement free space in which I encourage clients to express themselves and share whatever is weighing on their minds.

Whilst I recognise that diagnoses and labels can be helpful, they may not provide us with all the answers we are looking for. I can offer a holistic alternative when we may feel we are still searching for meaning in our lives and help you to arrive at a greater understanding of yourself, your relationships and life.

The person-centred approach is one that puts client autonomy and empowerment at the forefront. I believe that we are all unique and therefore, the expert on ourselves. If a space of warmth, acceptance and respect is upheld within therapy – I believe that we can all be trusted to find our own way through our problems and life challenges. As such, I do not offer ‘advice’ or ‘analysis’ on how best to live your life, or provide you with the ‘solutions’ to your problems. Rather, I can offer a safe, supportive, yet challenging space for self-exploration to be alongside you throughout your journey in therapy.

Throughout this process, I may share with you my observations and relevant psycho-education to help guide you towards finding your own solutions. It is often through this process that we begin to become aware of what might be unconscious or out of our awareness and see a clearer path forward.

The person-centred approach is ‘non-directive’ meaning that I work with what you share in the sessions. As such, this puts you as the client in the driver’s seat.

Whilst my approach to sessions is very much guided by the client, I offer a variety of ways of working. I consider myself to be a creative individual and often utilise this within my counselling practice. Art can sometimes help people release uncomfortable feelings such as, anger, jealousy and anxiety, and can provide a safe and acceptable way of dealing with what might feel unacceptable or uncomfortable feelings. If prospective clients have access to crafts such as paper, pens, pencils, paints etc and wish to explore parts of themselves through art – I welcome this within sessions.

I can also offer a variety of practical resources such as worksheets and reading recommendations to accompany the work undertaken in therapy if desired.

It often takes time to feel the benefits of therapy and explore our own minds, but I challenge you to trust the process!

I very much look forward to working with you!

Experience and Specialisations

  • ADHD
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Career Difficulties
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Coping With Life Changes
  • Depression
  • Family Conflicts
  • Grief
  • Intimacy-Related Issues
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender Issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Self-Esteem
  • Sleeping Disorders
  • Trauma and Abuse

Qualifications and Credentials

  • MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy – distinction Counsellor/Psychotherapist

Years in Practice

  • 3 years of experience

Accreditation/Registration Details

  • BACP 388993

Ethical Framework/Professional Memberships

  • BACP

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