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Compare Listing Types Machine-Collated Listing Registered Practitioner Listing
Basic Information on Background, Focus Areas and Accreditation Yes Yes
Basic Contact Information for Your Practice Yes Yes
Email Address Shown With Spambot-Resistant JavaScript Encryption Yes Yes
Functioning Link to Your Practice Website Yes Yes
Optimized for iOS and Android Mobile Devices Yes Yes
Describe Your Practice Approach 40 Words 300 Words
Describe Your Qualifications and Experience 40 Words 300 Words
Include Your Photograph or Logo Limited Yes
Choose From an Expanded set of Categories for Theoretical Approach and Specialisations No Yes
Include Your Honorific/Title No Yes
Choose Full or Partial Postcode for Address and Map No Yes
Include Practice Social Networking Pages: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn No Yes
Unlimited Edits and Updates No Yes
In-Depth Members-Only Marketing Guides and Information No Yes
Availability Closed £47

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